To manage short term capital reserves, organizations need a Treasury Management team to generate returns on excess capital. This is time consuming, expensive, and not an option for many organizations. R2 Asset Management seeks to fill the void in the Treasury Services space for small / mid-sized businesses and non-profit institutions by delivering accessible, hassle free, institutional level Treasury Management services these organizations.

Generate returns on excess capital

Why Enroll in
Our Treasury Services

R2 Invests’ Treasury / Cash Management Service offers customers a very low risk opportunity to receive a predictable rate of return on their capital that is significantly greater than a checking or savings account. We offer small and mid-sized businesses Treasury / Cash Management Services that are often limited to large organizations. R2 Invest provides our Treasury / Cash Management customers several benefits:

  • Target rate of return is 6-9% (TBD) (annualized)*
  • High liquidity - funds available on demand*
    • ATM access
    • Electronic payments
    • ACH
  • Very low risk
  • Actively managed
  • FDIC insured – cash in account*

Accessible, hassle free & institutional level

Key Benefits for your Institution

Quality treasury Management services can streamline your business finances by effectively managing cash reserves, investments, and other financial assets. The goal is to optimize your business's liquidity, while mitigating financial, operational, and reputational risk in the short and long term.

  • Generate income on your Idle cash
  • Instant access to your capital
  • Low Fees and no long term commitment
  • Your Capital is FDIC insured