Real estate accounting


R2 Advisors thrive on delivering a vertically integrated property and fund level service delivered by our real estate accounting experts. Not only do we offer global expertise in managing complex products (open-end, closed end and separate accounts) we simultaneously perform recording and analysis of general ledger property and fund level transactions.

dissemination of investor reports & coordination


We report following standardized reporting formats and personalized reporting solutions with the dissemination of investor reports and coordination of investor communications. We assist the client in implementing controls executed within a documented compliance environment. Our experience with multiple accounting standards, including U.S. GAAP, IFRS and local country GAAP.


Our institutional investor services that range from capital call and distribution management to investor register maintenance and compliance support.

Tracking investor commitments and maintaining investor contact and bank account information while calculating capital call amounts and units/shares subscribed, including issuing notices in partnership with you is part of our suite of services. Organizing and calculating distribution amounts and units/shares that are redeemed quarterly, including issuing notices in partnership with you.

Effecting subscription, redemption and/or transfer of units/shares with proper documentation and tracking shares held by each investor.


Managing these with automated transactional processing solutions to ensure timely and accurate payment, invoice, vendor, and tenant processing. Automated collection and accurate, timely application of tenant receipts is a procedure we follow to ensure maximum efficiency.
We help our clients with electronic payment processing, Vendor administration and 1099 processing.


We assist our valued clients with expediting account establishment, reduced service charges and maximizing credit opportunities through core banking processes. In addition to fraud protection and strategic consultation on your treasury initiatives we help maximize savings and optimize your operations with our strategic master banking relationships. When it comes to management of Bank Accounts – opening, updating, and closing of bank accounts is a headache you can leave with us. Finally, we assist our clients with online administration and movement of funds and provide fraud management services with support of anti-money laundering programs. R2 is your one stop shop for all Real Estate Accounting questions and solutions.


Our team makes sure that we have dedicated oversight of your investment entities to ensure regulatory compliance, minimize risk and reduce while supporting your Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) reporting requirements. With standardized global control objectives with Policies & Procedures we ensure a consistent and industry-leading accounting product. We have a dedicated team that routinely monitors Policies & Procedures and collaborates with your auditors for mutual success.


Our REIT accounting and administration services, including the on-boarding of new acquisitions, maintenance of accounting transactions, compliance with REIT regulations and tax professional support are second to none. Quarterly and annually, we prepare REIT reports for REIT testing.


We are experienced in all major real estate systems, including Yardi, MRI and regional solutions, with the unique capability to work in our platform or yours. We provide smart data management services for timely and reliable data.


Our dedicated and experienced professionals leading the strategic development of customized project plans for effective on-boarding of people, platform, and processes with an additional project management team to lead large and strategic transitions. We have experience with assessing operating models to identify solutions and improve business processes while ensuring skillful configuration and deployment of the top industry software for accounting, automation, treasury, and analytics solutions.

Additionally, our expertise in software selection, data conversions and system integration ensure that audit costs with service organization are streamlined, efficient and timely. Regulatory compliance, including documentation for licensing applications and the preparation of regulatory filings is a significant part of our process. Finally, we make sure to coordinate with third-party tax firms to ensure REIT compliance Quarterly asset and income testing, leveraging R2’s internal REIT qualifications checklist.