About Us

We simplify financial management for our customers by harmonizing
business advisory and investment management services

At R2 Advisors we take great pride in being our client’s first point of contact when it comes to critical business decisions. Our asset managers follow a proprietary, quantitative process to identify investments with the greatest up-side potential for our client portfolios while applying active risk management frameworks to minimize drawdowns.

Our Investment and Asset Management team is another core strength of our business. Our team manages investments across a variety of asset classes and industries. We serve small and mid-sized businesses, associations, non-profits, and individuals offering them several actively managed investment strategies. We differentiate ourselves by always being there for our clients, guiding and answering questions.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

We are sure that you have heard “we do better when you do better” in a plethora of ads from disingenuous money managers that prioritize themselves and getting Assets Under Management but NOT the client. It is an obvious thing to know that if a model is commission based both parties will do or worse better simultaneously but that does not mean that they are looking out for your best interests.

Our approach is catered to the needs of your business, your loved ones and rather than aggressively trying to take your hard-earned money and haphazardly mismanaging it, we take our time and do our research to cater an approach that is best suited to your business.

We believe that each client is like family to us, and we share a responsibility to deliver only out best efforts towards your growth and success. Our team spends time with you to educate you on all decision making so that you are always in control of your life.

Our Executive Team

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team has deep expertise in multiple capabilities across a variety of industries


Rose Araghchy, CPA

Managing Director

15 + Years of Experience, Masters in Accounting, Big 4 foundation with significant experience in software and funded technology firms, professional services, non-profits, and GSE’s

Why Choose Us


Simplify Financial Management

We combine our extensive subject matter experience to address your needs; combining financial advisory, management consulting, and asset management services

Streamline Compliance Function

We enable efficient compliance functions that reduce regulatory burden and promote confidence from internal and external stakeholders

Optimize Organization Effectiveness

We collaborate with your business to identify and execute strategies that drive organization and financial performance

Our Service Providers