401(k) Advisory Services

“A 401(k) is a retirement savings and investing plan that employers offer. A 401(k) plan gives employees a tax break on money they contribute. Contributions are automatically withdrawn from employee paychecks and invested in funds of the employee’s choosing (from a list of available offerings)”- IRS

Advice/ Consult

  • Serve as investment manager - select, monitor, and optimize the fund lineups
  • Consult on 401(k) plan design and handle plan amendments
  • Research and recommend low-cost fund options and support various investment goals
  • Help employees select their 401(k) investments and provide them with 1:1 financial advice

Manage Risk

  • Safeguard retirement savings / 401k investment portfolio
  • Monitor risk / volatility measures across various asset classes
  • Alert plan participants if there is a need to rebalance 401k portfolio
  • Re-allocate portfolio as events warrant
  • Oversee quarterly investment committee meetings

Comply/ Operate

  • Select qualified recordkeepers & TPAs - including overseeing RFP process
  • Provide a trusted 3(16) fiduciary to take on plan administration and sign the IRS Form 5500
  • Minimize errors by self-auditing payroll data before sending it to the recordkeeper
  • Provide plan information and documents with online and mobile-friendly access


We continually work with you by providing hands-on investment guidance and active risk management to save you money & maximize returns

R2 continually works with you to maximize your 401K investment returns. We help you to allocate your investments across various asset classes to optimize your returns; we scrutinize investment funds in your 401k plan to ensure their fees are warranted (i.e., they consistently beat the market) Our 401(k) advisors utilize proprietary risk management frameworks used by our portfolio managers to alert our 401(k) clients when there is an imminent need to rebalance their portfolio in order to limit market draw downs and safeguard their retirement savings.

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Why choose R2IM as your 401k Advisor ?

  • Active Risk management unlike any other Advisor in the marketplace.
  • Direct access to our expert portfolio managers
  • Low cost and no minimum asset under management requirements
  • Draw down management for all our clients
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