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Private Equity

As an experienced partner to the private equity community, our team thrives at the intersection of sponsors and management teams – helping them measure, manage, and scale their businesses. We leverage an execution-oriented approach to maximize value. Working alongside clients, we strive to utilize the right value levers to help them transform their businesses in order to achieve accelerated growth and optimal returns in a PE-backed environment.

Real Estate Development

An effective real estate and construction strategy steers the complexities of current and emerging micro and macro trends, leverages data for actionable insights, and looks at business decisions from a universal perspective. Whether it is the complexities of construction accounting, due to its unique requirements, processes, documents and procedures such as AIA billing, change orders, submittals and RFIs; or contractor payroll. We have the experts to help you be at ease and focus on business growth.

Non-Profit / NGO

We address the most challenging issues that our mission driven clients have. From the operational back-office solutions that keep nonprofit organizations and businesses compliant and efficient to the deeper strategies that create sustainability and / or profitability, our professionals help our clients advance their missions and deliver on their own promise to the world.

Government Contracting

In the face of continuing regulatory changes, an evolving digital landscape and increasing market spend, government contractors have new opportunities to redefine their business and expand their industry presence. To reduce abuse and fraud, the federal government is strengthening compliance regulations. Companies that fail to comply with procurement regulations like those from the DCAA. Operating in compliance is no longer considered a best practice: it’s now a requirement that can be both challenging and time-consuming. We guide you through the process of becoming compliant by leveraging best practices. We have experience implementing a government compliant financial management system.


We help technology industry clients develop and implement sustainable financial and operating strategies that promote efficiency and continuous improvement to better meet their clients’ needs in a rapidly changing industry.


We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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We enable efficient compliance functions that reduce regulatory burden and promote confidence from internal and external stakeholders

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We collaborate with your business to identify and execute strategies that drive organization and financial performance


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